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Ben Sheppee (b.1978, UK) Is a British Visual Artist, who is best known for his efforts in abstract typographic design. Born in Bristol, Sheppee spent a large part of his life in San Francisco, Japan and Paris, before setting up his London based studio which focuses on the connections between fine art, design, philosophy, and technology. Exploring themes such as in-articulation, translation and misinterpretation, Sheppee interrupts digital processes, encourages glitches, and explores the aesthetics that live there. 

Sheppee work has appeared in Tate Britain (UK), ICA (UK), San Francisco MOMA (US), The Serpentine (UK) and The National Portrait Gallery (UK). In his career he has been extensively involved in the VJ art movement, and curated the work of over 70 other artists his project “Lightrhythm Visuals” which has released 240 animated films. Other recent projects include ‘Drawdown’, a site-specific installation commissioned by the UK Arts Council, involving projected work onto 5 historical buildings; raising awareness about climate change, staged to coincide with UN Climate Change Conference COP26.Along with exhibitions and commission for museums and galleries, Sheppee frequently collaborates with international commercial projects, both private and public.


National Portrait Gallery, London (2017)
La Gaite Lyrique, Paris (2014)
Hybrid Art, Moscow (2011)
Yota Space, St Petersburg (2010)
Superdeluxe, Tokyo (2008)
Cell Space, San Francisco (2005)
Hangar 1018, Los Angeles (2005)
Optica, Madrid, (2005)
Tate Britain, London (2004)
ICA, London, (2004)
Synasthesiologists, New York, (2004)
Window licker, Berlin (2004)
SOMA Arts Gallery, San Francsico (2002)
Drum Machine Museum, San Francsico (2002)
SFMOMA, San Francisco (2002)
The Foundry, London (2002)

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