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In his ‘j@rG0n’ series, Sheppee explores the challenges in written communication through deconstructed alphanumeric characters.  Working on the idea that written language can often be taken out of context or misconstrued, with the original meaning often lost in communication, Sheppee looks to express this visually through abstract typographaphic designs to highlight failings of the written communication.


  • Title: j@rG0n_ADSR•-
  • Artist: Ben Sheppee
  • Edition: 15 – numbered (lower left), signed (lower right)
  • Size: A3 (printed area)
  • Paper: Hahnemuhle 290gsm
  • Specs: Deckle edge
  • Printed: April 2022

j@rG0n_ADSR•- Giclée - A3

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