Ben Sheppee (b.1978, Bristol, UK) has been part of the visuals and AR scene for over twenty years. His works lean towards minimalist abstraction, creating worlds where the elemental play of structure, light, and icon compete for the leading role.

His career began when he started creating slide projection collages as backdrops for bands in London nightclubs while studying for his BA (hons) in Graphic Arts at UEL. Early works were largely experiments in photography and motion graphics which saw him create light collages with multiple slide and video projectors. Often looking to interfere with digital processes and explore deconstructed aesthetics, initial ideas included intentionally contaminating developer liquids and damaging slides in order to display ‘broken’ visuals, which he then scaled up through projection. In his animations he similarly sought to dissect and interpret in order to find hidden beauty between the balance of natural forms and digital clarity.

Sheppee’s work has been exhibited at leading institutions such as Tate Britain, London (2004), the National Portrait Gallery, London (2017), ICA, London (2004) and the SFMOMA, San Francisco (2002). Notable clients he has produced work for include the British Museum, the BBC and most recently Intel.

Exhibitions and Screenings (selected)

National Portrait Gallery, London (2017)
La Gaite Lyrique, Paris (2014)
Hybrid Art, Moscow (2011)
Yota Space, St Petersburg (2010)
Superdeluxe, Tokyo (2008)
Cell Space, San Francisco (2005)
Hangar 1018, Los Angeles (2005)
Optica, Madrid, (2005)
Tate Britain, London (2004)
ICA, London, (2004)
Synasthesiologists, New York, (2004)
Window licker, Berlin (2004)
SOMA Arts Gallery, San Francsico (2002)
Drum Machine Museum, San Francsico (2002)
SFMOMA, San Francisco (2002)
The Foundry, London (2002)

Sheppee has performed extensively and internationally an interactive and immercive cinematic experience.  His performances have opened the Hollywood Independent Film Festival, + + +

Selected Performances

Uplink, Tokyo • Tate Britain, London • Kinetica, London
Splice Festival, London • Hollywood Independant Film Festival, Los Angeles
Ageha, Tokyo • LPM, Rome • Visionica, Gijon
21 RPM, London

Sheppee released on 12 DVDs, appeared in around 15 publications including IDN and MCD magazines, and 3 visual art books including Lawrence Kings “VJ:Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture Book”. He has been commissioned for work on National Television in the UK, LA and Japan.

Written Publications (selected)

VJ: Audiovisual Art and Culture
‘vE-”jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio-Video
iDn Magazine
MCD Magazine

Talks (selected)

Le Cube / Paris
Lumiere Festival
Yota Space / St Petersburg
Mapping Festival / Geneva

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